welcome to Systel IMR

Systel Technical Education Society’s
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute

Faculty & Research

Dr. H. M. Patil Director M.Sc(Elex),MCM,
21 Years hmpatil.systel@gmail.com 9422792685
Mr. R. M. Shirsath H.O.D MCM,MCA, MBA 16 Years ravishirsath8@gmail.com 9422706085
Mr. N. C. Vispute Assistant Professor MCM, MCA 10 Years vinitdhule@gmail.com 8788648726
Ms. Asha M More Assistant Professor MCM, MCA 10 Years moreasha01@gmail.com 8600773729
Ms. Deo Ankita Assistant Professor M.Sc(Comp) 2 Years 0607deoankita@gmail.com 7875276811
Ms. Shamal Gujarathi Assistant Professor M.Sc(Elec),M.B.A 1 year gujaratishamal19@gmail.com 9764192124
Mr. Ansari Saeed Assistant Professor BBM,MCM 1 year ansarisaeed815@gmail.com 9923094136

Non-Teaching Staff

Mr. Prashant B. More Clerk BA 11 Years saminpra@gmail.com 9860286085
Ms. Priyanka Waikar Counselor BA(Eng),M.B.A 4 Years priyanka.waikar19@gmail.com 8888368270
Mr. Yogesh Ahire Office Assistant BA 8 Years yogeshahire6353@gmail.com 9766751718
Mr. Nilesh Ahire Peon 12 th 2 Years 9370378916